Say What?? Let us correct the record

From time to time, UniteLCF volunteers will take a look at the various public comments or reports and we will attempt to balance out the perspective or, in more egregious cases, correct the misinformation.

If you have an idea for a Say What?? entry, please send your comments to our committee Chair, Tom Smith, at

1.  School District vs. City Boundaries (8/22/14)

2.  Fiscal impact and number of students (8/24/14)

3.  Clarifying state funding (ADA) impacts of the transfer (10/23/14)

Previous attempts and proposals for unifying the city.

A perennial Say What??? is the longevity of this contentious issue in which residents of the Sagebrush neighborhood have nurtured a fervent desire for our properties to be included in the LCUSD.  This issue is real and will not go away.  Our neighborhood has organized time and again to achieve the final unification with the rest of our municipal community.  Some of our neighbors on the west side of the canyon, in La Crescenta-Montrose, and those farther south in the City of Glendale find it difficult to empathize with the views and experiences of the Sagebrush neighborhood in this regard.

La Crescenta-Montrose kids all get to attend the same public schools.  Glendale kids all get to attend the same public schools.  It is only Sagebrush families who have experienced living in a sort of “no man’s land,” neither fully a part of Crescenta Valley, Glendale or La Cañada Flintridge.  We, in Sagebrush, are proud residents of La Cañada Flintridge.  As residents of the City, we desire to support our community is all it’s affairs, and we want our children to have the opportunity to participate in, identify with and benefit from all the activities of our incorporated City.

The petition for territory transfer has been recommended for approval by multiple agencies at several steps along the historical path, approved by both county and state departments and committees.  In each instance aggressive opposition by GUSD was employed to fight the Sagebrush community, using both legal and political maneuverings to “protect the best interests of GUSD,” and the have successfully blocked the transfer each time.

The 2014 UniteLCF! Petition Committee has gathered documentation of the previous petition efforts.  Our purpose in sharing these historical documents is to underscore the issues raised repeatedly over the years and to provide some context to those decision makers on the next phase of our petition process.   We hope a fair and amenable separation can be made and this troublesome issue be resolved in a spirit of mutual respect for all involved.

Sagebrush Committee Community Presentation 1992

Sagebrush Survey, Conducted May 1997

Letter from C Bengston, September 1997

Unite La Canada Flintridge – Sagebrush Committee newsletter, October 1997

Letter from J Spencer, February 1998


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