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Maps and Facts

Local Agency Formation Commission for the County of Los Angeles – Maps of Cities, Year of Incorporation and designated Sphere of Influence

Petition Presentations to County Committee

Public Hearing, October 26, 2016:
Petitioners Presentation Part 1 petitioners-10-26-16-presentation-part-1
Petitioners Presentation Part 2 petitioners-10-26-16-presentation-part-2
LCUSD Presentation lcusd-sagebrush-10-26-16-prsnttn

Public Hearing, November 2, 2016:
Petitioners Presentation Part 1 petitioners-11-02-16-presentation-part-1
Petitioners Presentation Part 2 petitioners-11-02-16-presentation-part-2
LCUSE Presentation lcusd-sagebrush-11-02-16-prsnttn
GUSD Presentation 11-02-16-glendale-usd-presentation

 UNITE LCF! Documents

Information and Factsheet, prepared 10/15/16 in preparation for the Public Hearing 10/26/16.

Public Hearing information – Korean version – Wed 10/26/16 and Wed 11/2/16

Registrar-Recorder letter, July 18, 2016, verifying the signatures collected and validated.

Petition submitted to the Superintendent of Schools, Los Angeles County, hand delivered, along with signature pages, on June 29, 2016.

LACOE letter dated  January 15, 2016, final approval, for language and form, of the UniteLCF! Petition – to be circulated by our neighborhood volunteers.

GUSD Election 2015 Candidate Statements Flyer – GUSD Election 2015 Final

School Information for Sagebrush Parents Flyer – Open LCUSD Slots 040315 FINAL 4/4/15

UniteLCF! Chair comments to the GUSD Board 10-21-14

Volunteers from UniteLCF! canvassed the neighborhood in order to increase participation the GUSD survey of the Sagebrush residents.


Capitol Advisors Group report April 20, 2016: Summary of Mitigation Options.  Of note, the report did not include any financial analysis of the expected fiscal impacts of the proposed territory transfer.

School Services of California Report – September 30, 2013
LCUSD and GUSD engaged this consulting firm to provide “an impartial analysis of the potential fiscal effects of the proposed territory transfer,” using data provided by both districts.  Major areas explored were operating costs, facility costs and repayment of bonded indebtedness.

Allen Bill
California Education Code Section 48204(b) External link opens in new window or tab. permits a school district to deem a pupil to have complied with the residency requirements for school attendance in the district if at least one parent/guardian of the pupil is physically employed within the boundaries of that district. Once admitted to residency, the pupil’s transfer may be revoked only if the parent ceases to be employed within the boundaries of the district. As a resident, the student does not have to re-apply for the transfer to be valid.

Carter Bill AB 174
Existing law defined an action to reorganize school districts as an action to form, dissolve, or lapse a school district, to annex all or part of the territory of a district to another district, to transfer all or part of a district to another district, the unification or deunification of a school district, or to otherwise alter the boundaries of a school district, or any combination of those actions. This bill would revised and clarified that definition.

Glendale USD and La Cañada USD Documents


GUSD Superintendent presentation at Mountain Avenue Elementary School 9-14-16

Winfred B. Roberson, Jr. letter to GUSD families 9-1-16


GUSD Refunding Bonds to refinance two series of outstanding bonds 8-14-15 2015-10-06-refinancingresults


LCUSD Brochure: Our Community, Our Schools

GUSD Proposal to LCUSD November 10, 2014

Sagebrush Timeline (updated) 10-23-14

GUSD Action Report No. 1 11-04-14 Proposal Vote Authorize GUSD Administration to Finalize a Territory Transfer  Agreement  with  La  Canada Unified School District and Return for Final Board Approval

GUSD Presentation re Potential Territory Transfer 110414

GUSD Discussion Report No. 1 – Revised 10-21-14 Presentation/Discussion of Updated Proposal for Transfer of Sagebrush Territory to La Canada Unified School District Report 10-21-14R

GUSD Discussion Report/Text: Updated Proposal for Transfer of Sagebrush Territory to La Cañada Unified School District Updated 10-21-14

Residential Development Research Report 2014, presented to GUSD by DecisionInsite 8/29/14

Q&A responses from Sagebrush community forum at Mountain Avenue Elementary School 8-26-14

Sagebrush Timeline Presentation  (Meeting at Mountain Avenue Elementary) 8-26-14

Sagebrush Presentation 7-8-14

GUSD Board Report 6-17-14
GUSD Sagebrush Presentation 6-17-14

FAQ 6/13/14, revised by GUSD (without LCUSD’s input)

GUSD Dr. R. Sheehan letter to Rosemont_5-29-14

Territory Transfer Survey, Sagebrush territory of La Cañada
May 2014, from TrueNorth Research company.

GUSD Discussion Report No. 1 Report 5-20-14
Sagebrush Presentation 5-20-14

GUSD Discussion Report No. 1, GUSD/LCUSD Potential Territory Transfer  Report  5-6-14
Sagebrush Presentation 5-6-14

GUSD Board Report 4-15-14
Sagebrush Presentation 4-15-14
Territory Process Map  presented by Allison Deegan, LACOE 4/15/14

GUSD/LCUSD Joint FAQs presented at Town Hall Meeting 3/25/2014

GUSD/LCUSD Town Hall Meeting Invitation
Mailed to all Sagebrush residents, an invitation to hear information on the potential territory transfer at the CV Auditorium, March 25, 2014.  Community is invited to attend and ask questions or share their issues/concerns with school officials from both districts.

GUSD Board Report 3-11-14
Sagebrush Presentation 3-11-14


Discussion Report No. 1, La Cañada Flintridge City Resolution on Re-Drawing of LCUSD Boundaries – Sagebrush Area  Report 10-15-13

Letters from Public Officials, Community Groups

Crescenta Valley Town Council Letter to GUSD 4-24-14

Supr M. Antonovich to GUSD Re Mt Ave Plan 050614
Letter to GUSD President on behalf of CV Town Council, urging plans,  disclosure of facts on the proposed territory transfer.


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