UniteLCF! Update 9-15-17

With the new school year underway we are pleased to report that a total of 165 students residing within the Sagebrush territory are currently attending LCUSD schools. We see this as a positive upward trend towards our goal of uniting the LCF community.

At this stage in the Petition process, the County Office of Education is working to have a CEQA analysis prepared to review the environmental impacts of a permanent territory transfer from GUSD to LCUSD. They have informed us that the study would likely be completed by late spring or early summer 2018. At that point we will get notice of the meeting at which the findings of the CEQA analysis will be presented to the County Committee. If the Committee has no further questions or instructions to staff regarding the findings they would then vote on whether to grant their final approval of our Petition. The Committee would also normally recommend the area of election should a ballot vote be required.

In the meantime, the UniteLCF! Petition Committee continues to monitor the progress of the CEQA analysis, meeting regularly and doing research to prepare for the future.


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