School Information for Sagebrush Parents


Kindergarten News Update: Recent events make it more likely that Sagebrush children can begin Transitional Kindergarten (TK) or Kindergarten in La Cañada School District 2015-16 school year.

Because April 30th, 2015 is the deadline to enroll students in La Cañada Unified School District (LCUSD), UniteLCF! has created this information page to help answer questions our neighbors have brought to us.

[To download a flyer version of this information, click here.]

CURRENT SCHOOL DISTRICT – Residents of the Sagebrush area of La Cañada Flintridge (LCF) reside in the Glendale Unified School District (GUSD). When LCF became a City in 1976, the boundary lines of the new City did not change the boundary lines of the public school districts. The GUSD schools that typically service Sagebrush students include Mountain Avenue Elementary, Rosemont Middle School and Crescenta Valley High School.

STATUS OF TERRITORY TRANSFER – Currently there is no permanent right for children residing in LCF-Sagebrush to attend La Cañada public schools. Our citizen’s committee, UniteLCF!, is working to secure that right. Due to our efforts both school districts are engaged in discussions to explore if a joint agreement can accomplish our goal by mutual consent. In the meantime, UniteLCF! continues to plan and prepare a citizen’s petition to the LA County Committee on School District Organization, should the district discussions prove fruitless. In any case, it is highly unlikely that a permanent resolution will be finalized before the 2015-16 school year.

WANT TO ATTEND LA CANADA SCHOOLS AUG 2015? – Many in our neighborhood believe their kids would realize a greater sense of community involvement and identity if they attend schools in their own City. Although admittance to LCUSD is not guaranteed, there is a window of opportunity that your child may be able to attend LCUSD schools this coming August since 1) LCUSD is giving Sagebrush families higher priority among applicants seeking to attend LCUSD schools and 2) GUSD is currently approving releases for Sagebrush students wanting to attend LCUSD schools.

The process requires you to submit an “Inter-District Permit Application” with LCUSD, due by April 30. If you are notified of your acceptance (and only then), you will need to apply for an “Inter-District Permit Release” from GUSD. GUSD has represented publicly they are allowing all releases for Sagebrush students. Be mindful however, acceptance by LCUSD is strictly limited based on the seats available, by grade level and by campus.

LCUSD APPLICATION DEADLINE – April 30, 2015 | From now until April 30, 2015 you can submit an Inter-District Permit Application to LCUSD. No applications will be accepted after that deadline. Click here to download an application. (

SHOULD I ALSO ENROLL AT THE GUSD SCHOOL? YES | For example, even if you apply now to have your child attend kindergarten at a LCUSD school this August, it is recommended that you simultaneously fill out the necessary paperwork for enrollment at Mountain Ave. In the event there is not enough room at LCUSD, you would already have applied to a GUSD school. GUSD enrollment information can be found online at:

WHEN WILL I KNOW IF WE GOT INTO LCUSD? After April 30, 2015, LCUSD will decide based on availability if they can accept permit applications for Sagebrush children. Because LCUSD has smaller classroom sizes, they have limited space for incoming students, especially in upper grades. However, if there are sufficient applications, LCUSD may consider opening an additional kindergarten classroom at the nearest school, Palm Crest Elementary. The timing of these approvals will be determined by the LCUSD Superintendent. We know the metrics of these assignments is complex, but she has indicated that the decisions will be made as soon as possible. They understand that Sagebrush parents will be waiting to hear so that they can seek their GUSD release.

CAN I CHOOSE WHICH LCUSD ELEMENTARY I GO TO? NO | While LCUSD would make every effort to place Sagebrush students at Palm Crest, acceptance will be based on where the additional capacity lies within the LCUSD schools.

CAN MY OTHER SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN (SIBLINGS) ATTEND LCUSD? YES | Siblings of LCUSD students do have priority in the LCUSD permitting process. For example, if a new Sagebrush K student is accepted by LCUSD, his/her siblings will have priority over non-sibling applicants. Even so, acceptance is strictly dependent on available classroom space and there is no assurance that the siblings would attend the same school, if accepted.


WILL I NEED FUTURE RELEASES FROM GUSD? While GUSD does not currently require annual releases, it is possible that it could require new releases for transitional grades, i.e. entering 7th and 9th grades. This is one of the reasons why UniteLCF! continues to seek a permanent solution. Our goal is that in the future Sagebrush students will no longer be considered “permit students.” That has been our goal since La Cañada Flintridge cityhood was approved — in 1976!

WHO CAN I CALL IF I HAVE QUESTIONS? GUSD: Dr. Scott Anderle, Asst. Dir/Student Support Services, (818) 241-3111 xt 283. LCUSD: Ms. Patty Castreje, Secretary, (818) 952-8295.

Many Sagebrush residents support changing the current district boundaries permanently, by way of an Territory Transfer, so future generations of La Cañada-Sagebrush students will no longer need any permits or releases to attend La Cañada public schools. UniteLCF! is the residents committee working on the transfer process. To lend your support, please visit our website and join the mailing list at

The above information was compiled by volunteers as a service to our neighbors. We make no claim to represent either district so please contact them directly for up-to-date information on enrollment deadlines, applications and permit requests.

[To download a flyer version of this information, click here.]


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