Talk continues between school districts on potential Sagebrush transfer

Glendale and La Cañada school officials will meet again later this month.

Glendale News Press
March 4, 2015
By Kelly Corrigan

Talks between La Cañada and Glendale districts remain positive, officials said this week as both sides continue to discuss the possible transfer of the Sagebrush area to the La Cañada Unified school district.

During a Glendale school board meeting Tuesday night, Supt. Dick Sheehan said attorneys representing both districts are working with school officials to clarify issues tied to enrollment and bond payments.

A number of La Cañada residents have long sought to have the territory be part of their city’s school district. Despite being within its city limits, Sagebrush has always been served by Glendale Unified. In past litigation, Glendale Unified has ultimately prevailed.

But in November, after more than a year of public debate and discussion over transferring the territory, Glendale Unified delivered a proposal to La Cañada school officials asking for La Cañada Unified to pay $6.8 million in debt connected to two Glendale school bonds — Measure K and Measure S — over 23 years.

Glendale Unified also asked for $16 million over 12 years in expected reductions in state funding due to decreased enrollment.

Sheehan said that if there is no property swap in the transfer, La Cañada officials believe they wouldn’t need to pay any bond debt to Glendale Unified.

“Under the La Cañada belief, if there is no exchange in property on the La Cañada side, then they are not bound to repay any part of the bond,” Sheehan said. “So, we are getting legal clarification on that issue.”

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