District to offer Sagebrush students transfer priority

La Cañada Valley Sun
By Sara Cardine
February 12, 2015

La Cañada school officials made it easier for families living in the city’s western “Sagebrush” territory to seek transfers into La Cañada Unified from Glendale Unified, agreeing those students should have priority in the district’s transfer process over children whose parents are not employed by La Cañada Unified but work full time within its boundaries.

Supt. Wendy Sinnette brought the matter before the school board Tuesday as an item for discussion, though no vote or further action was required. Given that the district is still in talks with Glendale Unified over a possible transfer of Sagebrush families, it seemed appropriate to discuss the matter publicly, she said.


Since the district currently caps the number of transfer students at 15% districtwide, there was some discussion over whether an influx of Sagebrush students would unfairly push district workers’ children out of the pool.

Sinnette said she didn’t want to do anything to alienate those students, and Board President Andrew Blumenfeld agreed.

“When it comes to the children of employees and also the children who are residents of La Cañada, wherever in La Cañada they live, they are a part of this community. They have rights to our schools, so I would not consider them permits. I would not include them in the current cap,” he said.

As a result of Tuesday’s meeting, the district’s cap calculation will no longer include Sagebrush students or children whose parents are LCUSD employees.

To read the full article, click here.


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