LCUSD balks after GUSD unilaterally raises territory transfer deal by an additional 10 million dollars


October 29, 2015

Statement on Potential Territory Transfer

Although the La Cañada Unified School District (LCUSD) continues to strongly support the transfer of the Sagebrush territory into the District’s boundaries, it has determined that a negotiated agreement between the two school districts, in light of the currently anticipated proposal by Glendale Unified School District (GUSD), is not presently achievable. Current discussions indicate that GUSD could require payment over time from LCUSD in the range of $10 million for lost revenue related to the transfer of students.  This amount far exceeds the capabilities of the LCUSD budget.

This new position from GUSD raises the total cost to LCUSD of the transfer agreement from approximately $7 million to nearly $17 million.  This dramatic increase in the price of the transfer has led LCUSD to the conclusion that it needs to step aside with regard to any future financial settlement discussions.

The LCUSD Governing Board has always supported, and continues to support, the Territory transfer, and has worked through district staff and the negotiations sub-committee to do everything in its power to facilitate the transfer. However, at this juncture, as the prior extensively negotiated proposal between the two districts has been unilaterally rejected by GUSD, LCUSD’s role in the financial aspects of the settlement agreement has been exhausted.

Wendy Sinnette
LCUSD Superintendent


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