Sagebrush Debate Continues for GUSD, Affected Families

La Canada Outlook
By: Mirjam Swanson
September 9, 2014

Though the latest round of negotiations have gone on for more than a year, there still is no resolution regarding the fate of students living in the La Cañada Flintridge neighborhood known as Sagebrush and attending schools in the Glendale Unified School District.

But the conversation continues.

GUSD Superintendent Richard Sheehan said at Tuesday’s school board meeting that the evolving FAQs posted on his district’s website soon will be updated to reflect about four pages of questions posed by parents whose children attend Mountain Avenue Elementary School, one of the schools that would be primarily affected by a territory transfer.

He also said that, despite suggestions to the contrary by some members of the public, discussions in the past few months between representatives from both districts did not amount to official subcommittee meetings.

“Those meetings got to a point where nothing new was being discussed,” Sheehan said. “And that was more negotiations opposed to subcommittees.”Newly seated GUSD board President Greg Krikorian supported Sheehan’s position regarding the meetings: “That’s what we’re elected for, to do these things.”

Krikorian, who was a key figure in those negotiations, has taken over as president for Mary Boger, who stepped down from the board last month citing an ongoing illness. Boger was the most adamant opponent of a potential transfer.

A fifth member of the board is scheduled to be chosen in October, Sheehan said.

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