Opinion: It’s time for a Sagebrush solution

La Cañada Valley Sun
By: Anita Brenner
September 4, 2014

Now that September is here, it’s beginning to feel like Back to School has actually begun. The La Cañada Unified School District kids returned to school in August, and this week, the doors of local private schools are finally open.

Some parents talk about how ready they are, that the summers seemed unending. Perhaps it is only with nostalgia that I recall feeling sad when the kids returned in September. I didn’t like homework when I was a kid and I liked it less when our kids were in school. One day, maybe, I’ll get more organized.

That’s why I was surprised to catch up with Valley Sun reporter Sara Cardine’s coverage of the Sagebrush issue.

The question of “one city, one school district,” a phrase I coined 25 years ago when I represented some Sagebrush families, is still, unfortunately, alive.

When I attended Palm Springs High School, we only had one school district. Granted, some kids from Cathedral City attended because they had no high school out there, but there was this feeling of cohesion. One football team. One tennis team. We played Indio and Banning. It was one town versus another.

Luckily most of us didn’t get arrested for painting Coachella High School red (our colors), or for enrolling an imaginary student named George Mason, or for uprooting rural mailboxes on Saturday nights. I never did any of those things. Honest.

It was an awesome way to grow up. We all still keep in touch. When I came to the city to attend UCLA, the differences were obvious.

If some 16-year-old throws an egg at my car, I’ll have a hard time getting my knickers into a twist about it. People in glass houses and all that.

So I find it sad that kids who live two blocks from Palm Crest have to file a petition to attend the elementary school down the street. It’s amazing to read Sara Cardine’s report that “the Glendale school board met behind closed doors to discuss the issue, and the board intends to discuss it again in closed session on Sept. 2.” (Aug. 27, “LCUSD seeks transfer talks on Sagebrush”)

to read the full article, click here.


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