Board moves to fill empty seat left by Mary Boger

The Glendale Unified school board will interview applicants early next month to fill a seat left open when former member — and past president — Mary Boger resigned.

Glendale News Press
By: Kelly Corrigan
September 3, 2014

Glendale school officials announced Tuesday they plan to swear in the new board member at their Oct. 21 meeting, after interviewing candidates publicly on Oct. 8.

The school district will accept applications Sept. 4through 19, and the existing term will run through April 7.

While the four board members unanimously agreed to appoint the fifth member rather than call a special election, they are still at odds over whether applicants should intend to run for another term in April.

School board member Christine Walters said she would prefer candidates applying for the appointment not run for another term for various reasons.

“One of them being,” she said, “you will find yourself in your own personal hell during the election, trying to be a good board member and trying to run for office at the same time, and probably not serve this board well.”

School Board President Greg Krikorian said that of the thousands of parent volunteers and residents involved in the community, there will likely be several good candidates.

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