Update Meeting Held on Proposed Territory Transfer

CV Weekly
August 28, 2014
By: Kevork Kurdoghlian
About 110 people filled the auditorium of Mountain Avenue Elementary School on Tuesday evening to listen to a presentation by Glendale Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Richard Sheehan regarding the proposed territory transfer. In attendance were Mountain Avenue parents, who represented a majority of the crowd, Mountain Avenue Principal Rebecca Witt, PTA President Liz Blake, a scattering of pro-transfer Sagebrush residents, four members of the GUSD board of education and two members of the Crescenta Valley Town Council.

Sheehan and his staff distributed small blue question cards to the audience at the beginning of the meeting. The cards gave attendees the opportunity to write out their questions. GUSD staff collected the audience’s questions and will provide answers in a future FAQ document.

Sheehan made clear from the beginning that the purpose of this informational meeting was to provide parents with an update of GUSD’s status on the territory transfer and dispel rumors.

GUSD board vice president Greg Krikorian said the meeting was “specifically to help inform the Mountain Avenue students and families about “where we are in the process.”

During the 30-minute meeting Sheehan presented a timeline of the proposed Sagebrush territory transfer, starting on June 3, 2013 when GUSD first spoke to their legal council and ending with the Aug. 12, 2014 board meeting when the district again consulted with their lawyers in closed session.

At the GUSD board’s upcoming Sept. 2 meeting, it will decide in open session on an appointment process to fill the vacancy left by outgoing board president Mary Boger.

“That has an impact on everything,” Sheehan noted. “That alone will slow down the process a bit.”

During closed session at their Sept. 2 meeting, Sheehan confirmed the board will discuss Sagebrush again after having digested the new information from the August meeting.

To reassure the audience that a transfer would be a transparent and open process, Sheehan said, “Any potential decision one way or another will be discussed in open session.”


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