Around the neighborhood: facts and figures


According to the California Department of Finance the total population of the County of Los Angeles was 10,441,080.  Approximately 90% live in the 88 incorporated Cities Approximately 10% live in unincorporated areas of the County of Los Angeles.


Note: Both Glendale Unified and La Cañada Unified school districts include areas of unincorporated Los Angeles. Virtually all Glendale residents can attend Glendale schools, however, La Cañada residents on the west end of town cannot attend La Cañada schools. Off and on for 50 years, residents of the “Sagebrush” neighborhood have requested to be released from GUSD. The area in dispute is described as the 0.6-square-mile area, bounded roughly by Foothill Boulevard on the south, Ocean View Drive and Pickens Canyon on the west, High Rim Road on the north and Rosebank Drive on the east. The Sagebrush moniker was named after the bank of sagebrush that once separated the area from the rest of La Canada. The eastern edge of the GUSD boundary, Rosebank Drive, was selected as a matter of convenience, using an existing line from a prior subdivision of a parcel of land.

Pickens canyon was selected as the natural boundary line for the west end of the City of La Cañada, formed in 1976.  From Foothill Blvd to the top of the northern tip of the City, there are no roads that cross the canyon.  This poses a safety concern for  Sagebrush children attending Mountain Avenue, limiting all crossings to a single footbridge used in the case of an emergency.   Sagebrush residents feel that Pickins Wash is a natural boundary for the school district, as it is for the City since it is not passable from the City of La Cañada to the La Crescenta area by car.

— Compiled by Nalini Lasiewicz, UniteLCF!


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