School District vs. City Boundaries


Say What logoSome opponents to the transfer have focused on coterminous school district and city boundaries — but this is not the relevant point. These opponents are using this idea to create an impression that it’s a rarity for virtually all students residing in an incorporated city to be able to attend that city’s schools. This impression is false.

A statement made in public comment before the GUSD board, which has been repeated in conversations and e-mails is this:

“I mentioned this at the past board meeting, but it is worth repeating, there is not one school district, not one, in the entire LA County, that has the same boundary as their city boundaries. There are two school districts, San Marino and Beverly Hills, that have similar boundaries, but that has to do with when the city was formed and when the school districts were formed.”

The so-called alignment “rarity” was reportedly based on the speaker’s study of overlay maps where one can compare school district boundaries to city boundaries.

The truth is:

First, whether the “school district …..has the same boundary as their city boundary” is not the point. One of the core reasons for seeking the transfer is as stated above so that the children of virtually all residents of the City of La Cañada Flintridge have the opportunity to attend La Cañada Unified schools.

Second, the statement made before the GUSD board and repeated elsewhere is simply incorrect!

This can be confirmed using the LA Vote website. This site allows a user to overlay school district boundaries and incorporated city boundaries on a map so that a user can see, street by street, what portion of the residents within the city boundaries are able to have their children attend schools within their school district.


ZoomLACountyUSDmapHere is what you’ll find if you do your own research at LA Vote:

There are a number of examples in LA County where virtually all students residing in an incorporated city have the opportunity to attend schools in that city’s school district in addition to the two acknowledged by the opponents to the territory transfer. In addition to San Marino and Beverly Hills, the following cities also meet this criterion: Burbank, Pasadena, South Pasadena, Claremont, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Torrance.

This is also the case for residents of Glendale. Like many school districts that pick up portions of unincorporated L.A. County outside its city limits, GUSD includes sections of Montrose and La Crescenta. More importantly, based on the LA Vote maps, virtually every student who resides within the City of Glendale has the opportunity to attend Glendale Unified schools, which is exactly what Sagebrush residents’ desire and why a territory transfer has been sought for more than five decades.


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