Amid Sagebrush talks, LCUSD revises student transfer process

La Cañada Valley Sun
by Sara Cardine

Some students in La Cañada’s Sagebrush area whose parents work in the city will be allowed to attend school in the La Cañada Unified School District this fall, after officials agreed Thursday to change how they accept transfer applications.

The district is seeking legal advice to ensure the geographical distinction does not constitute an “arbitrary designation” for acceptance, something the California Education Code prohibits it from doing. Pending approval, all Sagebrush applicants whose parents work in town will receive acceptance priority over students whose parents work in La Cañada but live elsewhere.

Still ahead of them in priority are the children of full-time employees of the school district, the siblings of continuing permit students already enrolled and the children of part-time La Cañada Unified employees, in that order. All approvals are contingent upon the number of available openings.

The board’s decision came during a special meeting held in response to a Sagebrush parent’s plea two days earlier that his 6-year-old daughter be allowed to start kindergarten in La Cañada Unified.

John Womack and his wife work in La Cañada and may currently request a transfer under the Allen Bill, a part of the Education Code that allows permit students whose parents work in a town to transfer out of their home districts, in this case Glendale Unified School District.

Before Thursday’s decision, the Womacks were lumped together with La Cañada employees living in cities much further away and selected by a lottery system to fill vacancies.

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