Glendale, La Cañada school officials continue Sagebrush talks

Glendale News-Press
By Kelly Corrigan

Glendale school officials are continuing negotiations with La Cañada officials regarding the Sagebrush territory.

In recent weeks, Glendale school officials have considered parents’ concerns over the future of Mountain Avenue, the elementary school that could suffer an enrollment dip should Glendale gradually release the students who live in the Sagebrush area to La Cañada Unified.

Parents also said they were concerned that the campus would lose its park and bridge, and Glendale school board members Tuesday suggested removing the property from future discussions..

“It makes sense for us to do that, and then look specifically at other options that are on the table,” said school board member Greg Krikorian.

Board member Armina Gharpetian said she favors Glendale having permanent access to the park and bridge.

“We can get money by selling it, but…at the end of the day, if we keep it, I’d be happier,” she said.

Instead of selling the property,, Glendale officials suggested that La Cañada Unified pay them a portion of the money Glendale would lose from the state for not serving Sagebrush students.

A total of 353 Sagebrush students attend Glendale schools, officials said, citing a recent demographics study. But the two districts disagree on the number of students, with La Cañada officials placing that number at 260.

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