La Cañada school board officials weigh out-of-district changes

La Cañada Valley Sun
by Sara Cardine

La Cañada Unified School District board members will soon discuss the process by which they accept out-of-district permit applications, in light of recent negotiations with Glendale Unified School District over the possible transfer of students living in the Sagebrush territory.

At a Tuesday meeting, Board President Ellen Multari requested the matter be placed on an upcoming agenda. She said LCUSD has already received enough applications for the upcoming school year to put the district beyond it’s 15% cap for permit students.

“Right now, we have a 15% cap, and we’re at 15.1% with our current permit applications,” Multari said. “We couldn’t take [Sagebrush students] without reclassification.”

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OV Park May Be Off the Sagebrush Table

Crescenta Valley Weekly
By Kevork Kurdoghlian
A decision may be made soon on the contentious “Sagebrush” territory transfer issue. The Glendale Unified School District Governing Board continued discussions on the possible transfer at its June 17 board meeting.

Tuesday’s 50-minute discussion on the issue made clear negotiations with La Cañada Unified School District have progressed successfully towards a happy middle ground. But despite the progress, many factors still remain unclear and several options remain on the table.

The discussion began after closed session at 7:30 p.m. with a presentation from Chief Business and Financial Officer Eva Lueck.

Her report addressed questions that went unanswered from GUSD’s last board meeting about the bridge and park area, payment of the Measure S and Measure K bonds and enrollment at Mountain Avenue and Monte Vista elementary schools.

A majority of the board agreed that making the park non-negotiable would be a good idea. Board member Christine Walters said the park is the number one issue for La Crescenta residents.

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Glendale, La Cañada school officials continue Sagebrush talks

Glendale News-Press
By Kelly Corrigan

Glendale school officials are continuing negotiations with La Cañada officials regarding the Sagebrush territory.

In recent weeks, Glendale school officials have considered parents’ concerns over the future of Mountain Avenue, the elementary school that could suffer an enrollment dip should Glendale gradually release the students who live in the Sagebrush area to La Cañada Unified.

Parents also said they were concerned that the campus would lose its park and bridge, and Glendale school board members Tuesday suggested removing the property from future discussions..

“It makes sense for us to do that, and then look specifically at other options that are on the table,” said school board member Greg Krikorian.

Board member Armina Gharpetian said she favors Glendale having permanent access to the park and bridge.

“We can get money by selling it, but…at the end of the day, if we keep it, I’d be happier,” she said.

Instead of selling the property,, Glendale officials suggested that La Cañada Unified pay them a portion of the money Glendale would lose from the state for not serving Sagebrush students.

A total of 353 Sagebrush students attend Glendale schools, officials said, citing a recent demographics study. But the two districts disagree on the number of students, with La Cañada officials placing that number at 260.

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Note to GUSD Board: VOTE! 6/17/14

Dear Glendale Unified School Board Members,

It has been many years of battling which school district we should belong to. We are not Glendale or La Crescenta, we are La Canada Flintridge residents and should be part of La Canada School District. We want to be part of La Canada School district and want to assume the responsibility that comes with that which are La Canada taxes. It would not be fair to La Canada to be able to join their district but have no financial responsibility. There is a plan in place for six years that favors both sides.

After hearing that 85% of households surveyed in the sagebrush area of La Canada are in favor of joining LCUSD, I believe GUSD members should vote for what people desire – La Canada residents attending La Canada schools! Please do not disappoint. It has been too long of a wait.

Please vote on this issue at your next meeting June 17, 2014!

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

Carl Husfeld
La Cañada Flintridge


June 3, 2014

Revisions to the FAQ’s on the proposed territory transfer are now online. Click below to see all the changes and additions to the initial plan which was presented to the public in March. Updated info on voting by the public, new GUSD tax rates, plans for Mountain Ave, continued use of the lot Ocean View as a park and access point, GUSD’s ownership of the bridge, etc.

click here to see highlighted additions and revisions.