Time to Say “Au Revoir”?

CV Weekly – Letters to the Editor 5/29/14

I live in the western edge of La Cañada Flintridge, support the territory transfer and participated in the recent GUSD-commissioned survey of my neighborhood to measure our support for a transfer to LCUSD. I believe GUSD initiated this survey for the sole purpose of mollifying board president Mary Boger, who stated at the April 15 board meeting, “I will be happy to say, ‘au revoir’ to Sagebrush when I have had the opportunity to be presented with evidence that the majority of the registered voters of the Sagebrush territory are willing to assume that taxation” referring to the $450 annual parcel tax.

Well, Boger got that evidence at the May 20 GUSD board meeting. A commanding 85% of the exceptionally high number of respondents stated that they “definitely support” the territory transfer that would include a change in district boundaries and the obligation for homeowners to pay the parcel tax.

So, how does Boger respond to the evidence she requested? She questions the honesty of the Sagebrush constituents and openly doubts our motivations.

I have to ask – can our board president be more disingenuous? We expect our elected officials to be honest, open-minded and transparent in their decision-making. Perhaps it really is time for Boger to say ‘au revoir.’

 Paul Hardy
La Cañada Flintridge

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